Light Therapy in Quartier des Spectacles 2014

Design Competition - Installations for Public Spaces

October 16, 2014

Raw Design Inc.


The Quartier des Spectacles Partnership announced the two works to be presented for the fifth annual Luminothérapie event, from December 10, 2014 to February 2, 2015. 

Visitors to The Place des Festivals will be dazzled by a giant kaleidoscope called Prismatica by the Toronto architecture firm RAW Design, the first Luminothérapie competition winners from outside Quebec. Meanwhile, the Quartier’s eight video projection sites will be lit up by a digital carnival called Fascinoscope devised by Lüz Studio, a Montreal-based visual design studio. There is also a major new development this year: audience interaction will be taken further than ever with a set-up that will allow the public to play games on the projection surface outside the Saint-Laurent metro station.

Winner - Installation for Public Spaces

This immersive installation, comprised of 50 pivoting prisms will transform the Place des Festivals into a colourful ice palace – a giant kaleidoscope through which visitors can wander and observe the Quartier des Spectacles through a new lens. Glimmering under natural light by day or by atmospheric lighting by night, the prisms will create overlapping transparencies, patterns and reflections on their surroundings. Visitors will be able to interact with the installation by turning the giant prisms, causing mesmerizing transformations of countless colours.

Raw Design

RAW Design is a Toronto-based architectural firm that works on a wide variety of scales and project types. From community greenhouses to large residential developments, not to mention outdoor interactive installations, its team of 30 architects and designers takes a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach. For Prismatica, the firm assembled a team of professionals from several fields (applied science, technology, art and architecture).

See the winners for the design and production of architectural video projections for nine building façades in the Quartier des spectacles.

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Making of de Luminothérapie 2014-2015 au Quartier des spectacles

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