Intrigued by the concept and inspired to reproduce its success, cities across Canada, Europe and the United States have all turned to Montréal to copy the Commerce Design Awards concept.

They have all worked with Montréal to form a unique international network and partnerships between cities that share similar commercial and design challenges. Each one, in its own way, has been able to draw and build on Montréal’s experience over the years.

Commerce Design International

The good news is that in those cities, just as in Montréal, other businesses have been inspired to emulate their neighbours, contest entries have continued to grow and there has been an enthusiastic public response wherever the Commerce Design concept has been applied. Designers and architects have shared in the benefits, too, with growing demand for their services.

As the concept originator, Montréal has played a pivotal role as a model. It is partly to develop this network and see its concept continue to evolve that Montréal has launched a new edition of the contest in 2015, along the same lines as the original, highly successful principles. So in May 2015 the city’s Bureau du design and its commercial development team gathered international delegates from the cities holding Commerce Design licences, to discuss commercial and design issues and share their ideas about how to enrich this program. By assuming this leadership, Montréal is continuing to raise the bar and seek concrete local impact for its initiatives.

Cities that have started their own Commerce Design

Bruxelles, Belgique

Brussels, Belgium

SInce 2008

Commerce Design Brussels

Detroit, UNESCO City of Design
Source: Alex Brisbey

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Since 2018

Commerce Design: Detroit

Eindhoven, Pays Bas

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Since 2009

Design in Detail Award

Courtrai, Belgique

Kortrijk, Belgium

Since 2020

Commerce Design Kortrijk


Lille, France

Since 2012

Commerce Design Lille


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Since 2009

Commerce Design Luxembourg


Lyon, France

Since 2003

Lyon Shop & Design


Marseille, France

From 2006

Commerce Design Marseille


Nantes, France

Since 2009

Nantes Shop Design

New York

New York - Times Square, USA

Since 2003

Design Times Square


Paris, France

Since 2012 (similar initiative inspired by Montreal, without a licence)

Paris Shop & Design


Saint-Étienne, France

SInce 2003

Commerce Design Saint-Étienne


Strasbourg, France

SInce 2011

Commerce Design Strasbourg


Toulon, France

SInce 2009

Commerce Design Toulon


Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada

Only in 2002

Séduction Design


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Since 2013

Commerce Design Winnipeg


The City of Montréal continues to transfer its expertise and grant licences to other cities that would like to copy this original concept.

For further information on acquiring and using a Commerce Design licence, please write to:

Patrick Marmen, Lead Design Commissionner
Phone : 438-350-1156

Ville de Montréal
Design Bureau