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La Taule, Athletic training Center, Waterloo, Quebec, 2015
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Microclimat is a budding firm whose work ethos is grounded in the principle that architecture and the environment in which it evolves are perpetually feeding one another. In order to provide long terms architectural solution, Microclimat seeks to bring under one roof the knowledge of an array of actors that take part in the projects, be it a residential, commercial or public. Through the exploration of the concept of «micro-development », Microclimat seeks to explores the full potential of these underused city grounds by rethinking these spaces as liveable and perfectly adapted to the beat of urban life.
Latest awards


  • Awards of Excellence, Ordre des architectes du Québec, Commercian and industrial buildings, Multilogement Berri, Montréal


  • Grands Prix du Design, PID agency, New Talent Award


  • Grands Prix du Design, PID agency, Athlelic training Center Prize - La Taule, Athlelic training Center - Waterloo, Quebec


  • OAQ Excellence Awards, Ordre des Architectes du Québec, Finalist, Administratif and commercial buildings category - La Taule, Athlelic training Center - Waterloo, Quebec
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