Couverture catalogue CODE SOUVENIR MONTREAL 2018-2019

Catalogue CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL 2018-2019 (French version)

This gift item catalogue is intended for institutional and corporate buyers and the general public. The purpose of the catalogue is to encourage buyers to procure products emblematic of Montréal, UNESCO City of Design, as corporate gifts, promotional items and souvenirs.
Plan d'action en design «Créer Montréal»

2018-2020 ''Create Montréal'' design action plan

The Bureau du design's action plan ''Create Montréal'' is one of the eight action plans included in the 2018-2022 economic development strategy entitled ''Accélérer Montréal'' (accelerating Montréal). It provides investments of $3.8 million spread over five major focuses of intervention, 15 strategies and 47 actions.
''Create Montréal'' design action plan