Covert, Montréal Unesco City of Design in action and by the numbers

Montréal UNESCO City of Design in action and by the numbers, 2006-2012 Report

This document succinctly describes the activities deployed to implement the appointment of Montréal as a UNESCO City of Design. It focuses on the core principle of: “mobiliz[ing] the different stakeholders of urban development around the project of making [designing, building] a better city with [more] designers.” What were the concrete results of this rallying statement? Here are the first collected results after four years of activities and six years of involvement in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. This report draws conclusions on the achievements and provides an up-to-date status on the Montréal, UNESCO City of Design initiative. On the following pages you will find detailed information on such aspects as: - the impact of the initiative on the emergence of a culture of design and architecture competitions in Montréal - the engagement of various audiences - the opening of new markets for the design community
Catalogue CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL 2012-2013

2012-2013 CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL catalogue (French version)

This gift item catalogue is intended for institutional and corporate buyers and the general public. The purpose of the catalogue is to encourage buyers to procure products emblematic of Montréal, UNESCO City of Design, as corporate gifts, promotional items and souvenirs.