Rye Berry Scotch Toffee

Dinette Nationale
Rye Berry Scotch Toffee
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Catherine Lepine Lafrance

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Catherine Lepine Lafrance
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Dinette nationale is all about sweet things. It's an admission, a confession and—it must be the word "sweet"—an invitation to gourmandise. Dinette is Catherine, a committed confectioner who's been making sure "local" rhymes with "Montréal" since 2008. It's also Érica, of Raplapla fame, who tastes everything, gives it her seal of approval, and spreads the word about Dinette. And the packaging? It comes courtesy of Atelier Chinotto!

A buckwheat-honey caramel spread. Creamy, tender caramels, sliced with a knife. Handmade lollipops, ready to melt in your mouth or be licked with abandon. Only scru-pu-lous-ly chosen ingredients. And the latest additions: crunchy caramel and nougat. They're made with as much butter and cream as it takes. Who wants some?

Ingredients: sugar, butter, glucose, roasted rye berries, fleur de sel, baking soda
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 7 × 4 × 16 cm

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