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Liligraffiti / Marie Laure PLANO
Carnet — Bicyclette
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Marie-Laure Plano

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Marie-Laure Plano
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Just looking at the name, you can tell these creations will be colourful, fanciful, playful. And that they are: Marie-Laure Plano, alias Lili Graffiti, offers décor accessories as well as reproductions of her illustrations on various media. This illustrator, trained as a graphic artist and an urban design graduate, designs and prints her own fabrics, screen-prints her own posters, and hand-crafts her accessories in small runs (Notebook and Diary).

Prints, postcards, greeting cards and notepads can be had, all with Montréal connotations, detailing the manifold joys of living here, seen through the four seasons or the 26 letters of the alphabet. They're all here, from raccoons to poutine!

Materials: 120M Enviro 100 paper, grid pattern (inside), 200M smooth Cougar paper, 14 pt (cover)
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 12.7 × 15.24 cm (120 pages)

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