Les Charlatans
Shrub — pamplemousse
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Jeanne Boucharlat

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Jeanne Boucharlat
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Les Charlatans borrowed its name—and its methods—from the medicine pedlars of yore who sold their miracle cures in town squares. A graphic designer with a passion for cuisine, Jeanne Boucharlat concocts her syrups (Taster kit), "shrubs" and a tonic as potions for flavouring cocktails and other preparations—without the slightest quackery.

After tasting a ginger syrup in France and reproducing it, Jeanne conducted further experimentation, throwing in several mad ideas, and voilà! She came up with a dozen elixirs to add a diabolical touch to whatever mixologists—both professional and amateur—care to blend with them.

Indispensables like her cucumber and tarragon tonic are joined by apple and cardamom shrub and grapefruit shrub, concocted according to traditional methods, using all-natural ingredients. The magical labels continue to be designed by Crystelle Bédard.

Materials: glass (cloth bag optional)
Available flavours: apple & cardamom, grapefruit
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 14 × 6 cm (235 ml)

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