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Cindy Cantin

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Cindy Cantin
514 475-8853

Designer Cindy Cantin's favoured medium is felt. A symbolic material used once upon a time by both First Nations and the first colonists, it's now reinterpreted to protect all the "iStuff" and similar tools that we can't do without in this digital age. She's taken an element abounding with cultural wealth and used it as a basis to approach modernity.

Composed of merino wool or recycled fibre, this felt is renewable and durable, as well as water- and shock-resistant. She fashions it into laptop sleeves, tablet sleeves and trays, all practical and robust. Above all, she turns it into artifacts charged with tradition.

Materials: wool felt, leather
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 24.5 × 34 cm

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