Cushion Covers — Iconique Series in Black & White

Housse de coussin — série iconique en noir et blanc (Habitat 67)
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Vanessa Isabelle-Roy

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Vanessa Isabelle-Roy
514 793-1619

Fotofibre: just reading the name gives you a good idea of how her products are made. Vanessa Isabelle-Roy has a diploma in fashion and textile printing—and a love affair with photography. These twin passions inform her designs, giving them an evocative power something like impressions of travel, or memories slowly fading. She casts a new light on buildings and monuments, enticing us to discover or rediscover them.

Cushion covers (in the Métro series and Iconique series), practical sleeves, change purses—each provides a canvas for Vanessa's reproductions of landmark Montréal scenes from bold, graphic perspectives, as well as snapshots of our colourful métro station interiors deconstructed into quasi-abstract art.

Through them, Montréal speaks to us, stirs our emotions.

Material: 100% polyester velvet, printed
Photo: Ève-Marie Beauchemin
Choice of images: Biosphère, Water Tower, Cross on Mount Royal, Farine Five Roses, Jacques Cartier Bridge, Olympic Stadium
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 46 × 46 cm

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