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Grégory Taillon

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Grégory Taillon
438 498-4734

The name says it all. A message you might see carved into a picnic table top: J'MTL. I heart Montréal. Using this unambiguous moniker, Grégory Taillon designs products inspired by "his" city, highlighting aspects of its heritage that often go unnoticed, or are quickly forgotten.

Hence his series of postcards reproducing different styles of Montréal streetlamp—an enlightening, dare we way, testimonial to their variety, documenting their evolution over more than five decades.

A longtime admirer of the timeless design of Montréal's MR-73 métro cars, which came into service just ahead of the 1976 Summer Olympics, he has also created a pencil case based on the original technical drawings. It's ready to come into service whenever you like.

Material: printed polyester
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 23 × 10 cm

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