Trièdre Fruit Basket

Tat Chao, Designer
Trièdre, corbeille à fruits
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Tat Chao

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Tat Chao
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The Industrial Design program at Université de Montréal. An apprenticeship at Studio Architetti Donegani & Lauda in Milan. Conceptualization and design of exhibitions for GSM Design. With a career trajectory like that, small wonder that, since 2003, Tat Chao’s studio has been dedicated to designing interiors as well as utilitarian objects.

Tat Chao really made his name, however, with his candleholders and lamps fashioned from fine cuts of reclaimed glass, which appealed thanks not only to the sheer beauty of their composition, but to the unerring precision of their assembly.

This edition of the catalogue features three variations on a theme: fruit baskets that arrive disassembled, and that you can put together in the time it takes to say apple, pear, banana.

Materials: acrylic
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 25 x 25 x 7 cm

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