Tat Chao, Designer

Trièdre basket, Montreal, 2015
  • ID Industrial design
  • IN Interior design
  • OB Object design
Tat Chao is a designer in its purest and most authentic sens. Since graduating in Industrial Design from the Université de Montréal, he worked at the Studio Architetti Donegani & Lauda (Milan) and at GSM Design (Montreal / Singapore). He's work is eclectic, unclassifiable, timeless. From glass to silver sterling, from woodworking to 3D printing; no material nor process limit his field of interest. His objects spark questioning, curiosity, amazement. Creativity has no boundaries; all our surroundings are potentially source of inspiration and intervention.
Enterprise data
Full-time employees: 
Local business (Montréal, Québec, Canada): 
60 %
Foreign business (international): 
40 %
In business since: 
Location: Westmount