Quelle Histoire!
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Daniel Robitaille (Paprika), Pascale Bourguignon and Marc Tellier

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Sophie Lachapelle
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What a lovely story indeed! Sophie Lachapelle is a journalist and foodie with a fascination for the history of Québec's native livestock breeds and seed varieties. Viewing these culinary emblems as witnesses to our past and our resilience—a part of the Québécois identity—she decided to create a line of kitchen towels to extol the virtues of these fruits, vegetables and animals that are unique in the world and our very own. Better still, she pledged a part of the proceeds from their sale to safeguarding them.

She started with the Montréal melon, the Canadienne cow, the Chantecler hen and the Canadian horse, following up with typical foodstuffs and recipes like maple syrup, Sainte-Catherine taffy, pouding chômeur and poutine. Sold alone or in pretty gift packages.

Material: 100% cotton
Made in: Montréal and Mississauga
Overall dimensions: 77 × 61 cm

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