Place Ville Marie Curio

Place Ville Marie Curio
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Stéphane Jutras

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Stéphane Jutras
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There are some buildings you can't help glimpse among their neighbours, or stop to stare at in admiration. They're so much a part of our collective unconscious that, in a way, they are Montréal. Thanks to Stéphane Jutras, a designer who uses architectural objects as communications tools for companies, you can now keep your eye on them any time, on a nearby shelf.

Having spent 13 years working with the Montréal Architectural Heritage Campaign, she decided to celebrate the value and importance of a typical pioneer house as well as Place Ville Marie, the symbol of our city's entry into the modern era, by "bottling" them, on a scale allowing anyone to admire them in their office or home.

Materials: Baltic birch, aluminum or HRPO steel, lichen, metal wire
Made in: Montréal, Laval, Plessisville (miniatures), China (glass bell)
Overall dimensions: 11.4 × 16.5 cm 

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