T-Shirt — Expo 67 Biosphère

T-Shirt — Expo 67 Biosphère
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Grace Cheong and Tine Modeweg-Hansen

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Grace Cheong or Tine Modeweg-Hansen
514 268-2421

We all remember doing it when we were kids. Connect the dots and then, with wide-eyed wonder, see our favourite characters or animals gradually appear on the page.

The designers at G&T hearkened back to that idea with their drawings of four iconic Montréal buildings and monuments. G is Grace Cheong, a graphic designer, and T is Tine Modeweg-Hansen, a renowned illustrator hailed as a highly original virtuoso of drawing in her native Denmark. This design project is their tribute to their adopted city.

It includes postcards and posters and, newly added, travel journals and even embroidery, on T-shirts and miniature posters, in limited editions.

Materials: 90% cotton, 10% polyester
Available colours: grey (child's) / black or grey (women's) / black or beige (men's)
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: XS, S (child's) / S, M, L (women's) / M, L (men's)
Suggested retail price $30 (child's) / $40 (women's and men's)

Please contact the designer-producers directly for any questions regarding wholesale pricing, customization options and delivery times.