Rectangular Felt Pouch

Rectangular Felt Pouch
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Gaëlle Payen

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Gaëlle Payen
514 705-6543

More than an invitation to travel, the three founding partners of the NOUÏ brand extend an invitation to share. Through the bags and bag accessories they've created, they tell stories of meetings—those of local artisans whose know-how, techniques and generosity nurtured their inspiration, drove them to take things further, exchanging, collaborating. To be continued...

NOUÏ offers its passport slipcase for Canadian, U.S. or European travellers, perfect for carrying all one's travel documents, a cardholder with an envelope motif, for a classy way to store business or bank cards, as well as felt pouches and notebook sleeves, for keeping notes and ideas well protected.

Materials: 3mm felt, metal (zipper)
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 23.5 × 9 × 0.8 cm (small) / 35.5 × 20.5 × 0.8 cm (medium) / 37 × 24 × 0.8 cm (large)
Suggested retail price: $75 (small) / $115 (medium) / $135 (large)

Please contact the designer-producers directly for any questions regarding wholesale pricing, customization options and delivery times.