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Alice in Montréal
Tasse haute — Panorama de Montréal
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Aurélia Turon-Lagot

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Aurélia Turon-Lagot
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This Alice is actually Aurélia Turon-Lagot, who fell down a rabbit-hole a few years ago and wound up in Montréal, a city she’d been visiting since childhood. She also loved taking mugs home as souvenirs, but must have told herself they weren’t as pretty as she liked.

So when Aurélia decided to launch her first product in 2013, while still studying design at UQAM, it was a mug, depicting a Montréal skyline in hand-applied blackboard paint that’s perfect for setting your inner graffitist free—or perhaps for writing love notes.

The idea proved so popular that she’s extended it to bowls, mugs and plant bowls, all turned by ceramist Hugo Didier. Wondrous!

Materials: ceramic, blackboard paint
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 12 × 9 cm (tall mug) / 16 × 8 cm (wide mug)

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