Connect the dots postcards, Montréal, 2018
  • GR Graphic design
G&T is a collaboration between graphic designer Grace Cheong and illustrator Tine Modeweg-Hansen. Grace and Tine share a studio in the Plateau Mont-Royal, where they keep the coffee and the ideas brewing all day long. With backgrounds in book design and illustration, their collaborations are graphically strong and clean, yet charged with a playful energy. Their first big collaboration was the “Relier les points Montréal” series of postcards, posters and T-shirts, celebrating architectural and cultural landmarks such as the Expo ‘67 geodesic dome.
Enterprise data
Full-time employees: 
Local business (Montréal, Québec, Canada): 
80 %
Foreign business (international): 
20 %
In business since: 
Location: Le Plateau-Mont-Royal