D107 Pouch

D107 Pouch
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Maryse Aubin

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Maryse Aubin
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Duel is fighting for a better world—and its weapons of choice are environmentally conscious bags and accessories, created by upcycling urban materials ranging from tires and innertubes to vinyl advertising posters.

Duel is also committed to a socially aware economy. Mindful of contributing to the wellness and improved development of as many children as possible, Duel donates time and energy to designing and building school gardens.

Among its eco-friendly choices is a trippy urban-styled bag, a great blend of form and function. Made of rubber strips reclaimed from inner tubes, it’s perfect for travel or for carrying documents. Robust, water-resistant and with a zip closure, it’s ready—just like its pouch and key fob kin—to do battle for the cause of recycling.

Material: bicycle innertubes
Made in: Prévost
Overall dimensions: 24 × 14 × 10 cm

Please contact the designer-producers directly for any questions regarding wholesale pricing, customization options and delivery times.