Bébé hibouillotte

Bébé hibouillotte
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Érica Perrot

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Érica Perrot
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Since she first created her raplapla dolls in 2008, Érica Perrot, a former seamstress for theatre productions and a woman who knows her way around a needle and thread, has been working non-stop to keep up with ever-increasing demand. And despite their multiplying ways, the raplaplas and their cousins, who've become faithful companions to ever-growing numbers of kids, are still made in Montréal with the same good humour and the same concern for quality and integrity.

Friends to Monsieur Tsé-Tsé, who lives comfily in the house designed for him by Atelier Chinotto, with drawings by Isabelle Arsenault, here come the Hibouillotte and Bébé hibouillotte owls, which can be heated up or cooled down to soothe little aches and bruises.

Materials: bamboo, cotton, rye kernels, lavender
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 12 cm × 3 cm × 17 cm

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