Mini Hockey Stick

Shed espace créatif inc. (des Enfantillages)
Mini Hockey Stick
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Geneviève Lugaz and Christian Laforge

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Geneviève Lugaz or Christian Laforge
514 621-5574

"Play, colour, happiness!" When it comes mission statements, there are more corporate-sounding ones! Des Enfantillages (which you could translate as "kid stuff") is the (brain)child of Geneviève Lugaz and Christian Laforge, two young parents who are also the co-founders of Shed espace créatif, a graphic design studio that employs esthetics of simplicity. That same spirit infuses the often unique, poetic toys that they fashion by hand, with carefully chosen materials.

A floral slingshot that kids can use to seed their neighbourhood, the Montréal jump rope, a miniature hockey stick with its blade wrapped in a wool sock—you'll want to be a kid again!

Materials: wood, acrylic, cotton, felt
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 46 × 12 × 1.5 cm

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