Redesign of Lot 066 and Its Vicinity

Multidisciplinary Landscape Architecture Competition

May 12, 2021
Animation et éclairage de la passerelle et de l'esplanade depuis la rue Jeanne-Mance

Mario Nájera + Raquel Peñalosa + Diana Elizalde + WAA Montréal in collaboration with Vinci Consultants, BES, Pageau Morel, Atomic3 and Les Ateliers Ublo


A Garden for Emiliano

The winning team’s concept for the redesign of Lot 066 offers “a rich marriage of experiences and moods: it is an urban forest, resolutely of its time, that addresses the ecological transition that is indispensable for dealing with climate change; it is also a hardscape plaza that, in summer, will host [Quartier des spectacles] events; lastly, it is a magnificent pedestrian walkway that, in addition to connecting the métro to the Promenade des Artistes, will itself be a new multisensory experience for residents, workers, Montrealers and visitors.”

– Excerpts from the text of the winning presentation

In its report, the Competition jury hailed “a grand gesture that is precise, controlled and powerful, creating a genuine cooling island,” and called the project “spectacular and theatrical, utilizing innovative, novel approaches to biodiversity and planting.” The jury members also welcomed the sensitivity and attention paid to users, along with the commitment to inclusion, participation and education as part of the project development.

The walkway structure is “simple and spare, its curved elements imparting a gentleness that contrasts with the immediate surroundings. The team has maximized the available space, even going beyond it and creating new surfaces. Circulation on the site will be easily managed as a result, with interesting pathways created along with sightlines onto the city,” while users will be able to “walk through the planted portion from an elevated perspective,” with ground-level interactions limited, ensuring “full growth and protection of the natural setting.” In that regard, the team’s planting strategy, inspired by innovative vegetation restoration techniques including the Miyawaki method, also swayed the jury members, such that completion of the project will be “a remarkable laboratory for studies.”

– Excerpts from the Jury Report

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This competition was held in compliance with the proposed Règlement type pour un concours d'architecture, pluridisciplinaire ou de design de la Ville de Montréal (Model rules for an architectural, multidisciplinary, or design competition sponsored by the Ville de Montréal) approved by the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation (MAMH).

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