Perspectives Design Montréal 2017: focus on emerging professionals, innovation and design entrepreneurship

October 12, 2016

The Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design celebrates the 10th anniversary of Montréal’s UNESCO City of Design status and announces its 2017 action plan 

On October 11, members of the design community were invited to the Sommet Place Ville Marie to celebrate the 10th anniversary, and the renewal, of Montréal’s status as a UNESCO City of Design. The Bureau du design took the opportunity to review its main achievements since 2006, and to outline its priorities and projects for 2017 and beyond.

In attendance was Manon Gauthier, Montréal Executive Committee member responsible for Culture, Heritage, Design, Space for Life and the Status of Women. She reaffirmed Montréal’s well-deserved status as a creative and design city and the decisive role of designers in the future of our metropolis.

“The message we’re sending out to our designers and architects is very clear: Montréal needs your talents more than ever,” Ms. Gauthier said, adding: “We intend to use all the leverage available to us as a purchaser and prime contractor to build, along with you, the Montréal of tomorrow, and help you expand your reputation. To that end, you can count on the support of the Bureau du design, so that together we can continue to give tangible expression to the title UNESCO City of Design!”

The core elements of the 2017 action plan are to prioritize quality in design (Montréal, Exemplary City); develop markets, especially for emerging designers and architects (Montréal, Entrepreneurial City); and focus on innovation and creativity (Montréal, Laboratory City).

The event closed with the premiere announcement of the international design competition for worksite information modules, dubbed “Better Insight, Onsite and the launch of the latest CODE SOUVENIR MONTREAL Catalogue - Special Edition for Montréal's 375th Aniversary.

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