Pont ferroviaire, Campus MIL, Université de Montréal, Montréal, 2016
  • AP Landscape architecture
  • UR Urban design
civiliti is a Montréal firm specialized in the production of urban landscapes with a high public content. Since its foundation in 2001, the firm has concentrated its practice on landscapes that underscore the specific identities of the city. With the strong belief that public space is a primary manifestation of a sense of collectivity, civiliti considers that the shape we give our public spaces shapes as well the idea of community and inscribes it physically in the landscape. Hence, civiliti pursues a well-established contemporary practice, focused on the thinking and building of public space in its most widely accepted meaning.
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  • Awards of Excellence, Canadian Society of Landscape Architects, National Award, Large-Scale Public Landscapes Designed by a Landscape Architect (over 5 ha) Category - Escales découvertes (Discovery Halts) - Montréal, Canada (with Vlan paysages + Luu Nguyen architecte paysagiste + Services EXP + Luce Lafontaine architectes + julie margot design)
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