Simon-Valois Shared Space

Multidisciplinary Design Competition

February 7, 2018
Perspective - Night

civiliti + François Courville + UDO design


Urban switching

“Switching is a rail mechanism whereby trains can be safely shunted from one track to another, controlled by an operator located in a tower or switching station. […] Our proposal recalls the railway history of Promenade Luc-Larivée, reinforces the original concept of Place Simon-Valois, and metaphorically describes a meeting place – a crossroads for various types of urban movement and transport in which safety is at the core of the design.”
- Excerpt of proposal

“The conceptual proposal was viewed as simple, strong, durable, and highlighting the site’s character. It brilliantly proposes an open and minimalistic space to reinvent the street. The jury felt that the use of street furniture to express the concept and the site’s former railway heritage was a strategic and bold move. The concept both wipes away the traditional street while maintaining suitable guides to ensure functionality of movement and shared space in terms of universal accessibility.”

Download the project's boards