Claire Papillon / Printed art / Textile design

Vivre Montréal, 2015
  • GR Graphic design
  • DM Fashion design
  • IN Interior design
  • TX Textile design
Multidisciplinary in spirit, my work gathers graphic, illustration and textile motive. My research oscillate between the figurative and abstract expression. I am proposing you a silk scarfs collection with Montreal as a subject, including 28 different models, inspired by a pot-pourri of styles, subjects, districts and atmosphere, composing the metropole from its history, architecture and people. New fashion ideas, gifts for oneself, others and the house. The insurance of a new style combined to the pleasure to wear it and to be seen. Pure Quebecer design, 100% natural silk.
Enterprise data
Full-time employees: 
Local business (Montreal, Quebec, Canada): 
95 %
Foreign business (international): 
5 %
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