Centre Gadbois

Multidisciplinary Architecture Competition

March 13, 2024
The Forecourt

Prisme + ADHOC inc., GBI Experts-Conseils inc.


“The conceptual approach is meant to be respectful of what is and what will be tomorrow. The project values existing elements along with past know-how, while minimizing alterations to the current building and, consequently, avoiding the waste that would result from unnecessary demolition. This way, spaces that are steeped in the history of the site are preserved and redeveloped. The result is a forward-looking project, with new construction that is exemplary in terms of environmental responsibility; a project that optimizes the synergy between existing and new, with a teaching approach based on pragmatic, circular architecture.”

– Excerpt from the text of the winning service offering (freely translated)

The winning project met the seven judging criteria evaluated by the jury. In their report, the jury members noted, among other things, the project’s successful urban integration with its physical and historical contexts. They also praised the team for designing light-filled spaces conducive to versatile programming both inside and outside the centre. The decision to preserve as much of the existing building as possible was perfectly in keeping with the City’s commitments to the principles of sustainable development. 

With its emphasis on sustainability, creativity and innovation in the service of the green and social transition, the winning team’s proposal is fully consistent with the Montréal 2030 Agenda for Quality and Exemplarity in Design and Architecture. 

The jury report is available in the Download documents section.

Download the project's boards