L'Arbre qui marche - Cœur-Nomade Library and Cultural Centre

L'Arbre qui marche - Bibliothèque et espace culturel du Cœur-Nomade

Cœur-Nomade Library and Cultural Centre - Winning Project

Public presentation of the winning concept of the Cœur-Nomade Library and Cutlural Centre multidisciplinary architecture competition, by Affleck de la Riva architectes / Coarchitecture in partnership with ARUP, Martin Roy & associés, François Courville Paysage and Espace Mushagalusa.

“L’ARBRE QUI MARCHE (“The Walking Tree”): Right from the first sketches, an image emerged: a building full of life with a heart full of light and a soul eager to travel. A dynamic colonnade barely contacts the sidewalk, signaling a cultural escape to come.”

Excerpt from the text of the winning presentation (freely translated)

The winning project successfully addressed the criteria considered by the jury in evaluating the four finalist submissions. It adheres to the site philosophy sought for the Cœur-Nomade. The team understood the vision expressed in the competition program and submitted a design that fulfilled its objectives and values, i.e., a project that is structure-enhancing, integrative, dynamic, inspiring and welcoming.

The winning proposal is also fully in keeping with the Montréal 2030 Agenda for Quality and Exemplarity in Design and Architecture, placing sustainability, creativity and innovation at the service of the green and social transition.

The jury report is available in the Download documents section.