The Compass is a unifying tool enabling project teams to state a common vision of quality and determine what measures to implement to achieve that quality (the tool is the brainchild of Studio Meilleur Monde).


How to use the Compass

Two exercises

The Compass contains two exercises:

  • Exercise 1, Quality Vision, helps your team members define the quality vision and objectives for your project.
  • Exercise 2, Quality Operation, helps your team members determine which strategies and actions to implement to realize the project vision and achieve your quality objectives.

Two stages

Each exercise is done in two stages:

  • An individual exercise, in which each member familiarizes themselves with the notions in the toolkit at their own pace, and develops a position.
  • A group exercise, in which the team members gather to exchange ideas and make concerted choices for their project.

A few recommendations before you begin

Who should take part

  • Identify the key members of the project team.
  • Try to broaden horizons as much as possible to bring together diverse areas of expertise and points of view.
  • Keep the people who truly want to invest in quality at the table, because they will then become allies throughout the project’s implementation.

What posture to adopt

  • After the Compass exercises are completed, the project team develops a quality management plan: it must be able to be implemented, and in line with the conditions for project completion (e.g., the available human and financial resources and the expected timetable for completion).
  • The Compass exercises thus require the right balance of visionary minds and critical thinkers.

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