Marie-Josée Lacroix receives Tribute Award at the 2017 Grands Prix du design

February 16, 2017

The 10th edition of the Grands Prix du design gala was held last night in Montréal, with over 800 guests in attendance to celebrate design excellence in Québec. Among the many awards handed out, the Tribute Award – honouring the recipient’s outstanding contribution to the recognition and acknowledgement of Québec design – was given to Marie-Josée Lacroix, bureau head and design commissioner of the Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design. The awards committee noted Ms. Lacroix’s remarkable and unflagging commitment to promote design in Montréal over the past 25 years. Her passion for the city over the years has enabled her to foster the contributions of designers to Montréal’s future, to develop their markets, to export Montréal concepts around the world, and to become a world leader in design and architectural promotion strategies, helping Montréal become a UNESCO Design City since 2006

Montréal Mayor Denis Coderre had this to say:

  “The design industry is a wonderful promotional tool for Montréal: it highlights the talent of the people working in the field and promotes our local savoir-faire internationally. (…) Marie-Josée, your inspiring leadership and your career demonstrate that it is possible to fully achieve one’s potential in the civil service and make a tangible contribution to Montréal’s development. I offer you my sincere congratulations for this wonderful award. The influence and success of the Bureau du design would not be possible without your remarkable contribution.”

In accepting her award, Lacroix thanked the jury of the Grands Prix du design and a number of dignitaries who had come to express their appreciation. She saluted the people who had inspired her, including several other Tribute Award laureates. She also acknowledged her superiors, both political and administrative, who have always trusted her, starting with Ginette Gadoury, from whom she learned the ropes and discovered her passion for promoting design. 

“I want to share this honour with these important people, who trusted me and gave me the space I needed to initiate ambitious projects, and with my immediate team, who have helped me – and help me every day – bring them to fruition.”

Ms. Lacroix said she felt even more honoured to receive this award from the professional sector, and that giving this type of recognition to a civil servant was all too rare. She concluded by saying, “receiving this award helps us stand tall and gives us wings; I take it as a signal to continue this collective project that drives us – to help designers and architects make meaningful contributions to the future of Montréal.” 

Watch the testimony of congratulations presented during the tribute to Madame Marie-Josée Lacroix (French Only):