Atelier Barda architecture

Gauthier House, Mont-Tremblant, 2018
  • AR Architecture
  • IN Interior design
  • OB Object design
  • UR Urban design
Atelier Barda is a multidisciplinary practice guided by a commitment to exceeding the design brief by pushing creative boundaries. The designers address spaces in an open, constructive and sensitive manner, giving attention to every detail. At Atelier Barda, concepts do not only reflect the singularity of each project and its context, but also the intimate character of the designer. Starting from an intuitive but rigorous manner, the team approach each project by paying particular attention to the references born of their personal and common history, as well as the knowledge acquired through experience. The team composed of passionate members from various backgrounds combines traditional and contemporary vocabularies, exploring uses and materials to create clean-lined, timeless buildings, spaces and furniture pieces.
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  • Prix d'excellence en architecture, Ordre des Architectes du Québec, Finalist, Public Prize - Maison Gauthier - Mont-Tremblant, Canada
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Location: Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie