Saint-Laurent in Motion

Video Projection Competition

June 4, 2013

Les Éclaireurs - Sarah Ouellet and Elizabeth Laferrière


"In a festive and surprising world, light as a summer theatre, young and old can appreciate the unusual paintings that tell them the evolution of the city. (…) Like a journey through time, this surrealist tale plays on a ratio of disproportionate proportions to highlight the grandiosity of each stage of the city’s history. The engravings and archival photos are used to locate the viewer in the period in question."
- Excerpt of proposal

"As for the winning proposal, it succeeded in combining the historical and factual content with a very contemporary, entertaining approach. The proposed picturizations are bound to stimulate the imagination of young and old as well as people's conversations about the neighbourhood's past and future. The winners also showed a good understanding of the challenges involved in carrying out such a project on the front façade of the church. In addition, their proposal stood out for the simple, effective visual and graphic solutions they put forward, taking into account the substantial constraints of the project."
- Mouna Andraos, President of the jury

Saint-Laurent in Motion - Winning Project

Download the project's boards