Parvis De Biencourt

Multidisciplinary Design Competition

October 5, 2017
Board Stage 2 (detail)

Parvis des Champs

"The Parvis des Champs celebrates the heart of this storied and resurgent neighbourhood by offering it to the community that brings it to life. It is a living entity that grows and changes with the seasons.

The proposal creates a décor that is warm, aesthetically pleasing, and welcoming. Street furniture with adaptable functionality is used to implement a year-round vegetation strategy. Materials, in particular paving stones and wall cladding, have been selected with durability in mind.

The Parvis des Champs exists in symbiosis with all four seasons to create a green atrium downtown. Like a rhythmic beat, everything breathes, begins anew. Like a flowering orchard, a vital space. Like waves of seasons taking root."

Excerpt from the winner’s presentation

"The proposal is in keeping with a continuation of transitional infrastructure and a citizen-focused approach. The proposal does not involve any striking innovations, but its modest and unpretentious nature is precisely what pleased the jury. The project does not intrude on the neighbourhood and fits well with the location’s scale and the competition’s objectives."

Excerpt from jury’s report

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