Postcard — Parks of Montréal Series

Marlone Montréal
Carte postale — Parc La Fontaine
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Céline Leboissetier and Mélody Magot

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Céline Leboissetier or Mélody Magot
514 660-9675

One was an art director, doing graphic-design work for clients and agencies. The other was in fashion, spotting trends and advising brands. They met, and before long MARLONE MONTRÉAL was born. The design agency crafts all manner of stuff, including pretty products, drawing on what the pair calls a state of "super-creative alchemy."

Take these postcards and posters. They depict Montréal, in a few colourful gestures, those of our parks seen from the sky, as if a hovering drone had drawn them, providing an unexpected angle on the city, surprising and poetic. "Oh! How beautiful," we think—and immediately want to share them, to show ourselves off to the rest of the world.

Materials: matte paper stock, plastic (packaging)
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 10 × 15 cm

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