MTL-YUL Canvas Tote Bag

MTL-YUL Canvas Tote Bag
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Judith Desjardins

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Judith Desjardins
514 274-5242

"Jude" is Judith Desjardins, the fashion designer behind Bodybag, the brand that's loved by young professionals looking for womenswear and accessories that are chic "with a twist."

The brand has been around since 1998, when it first attracted attention in New York City underground circles, and soon surfaced in Montréal. Drawing on the expertise of local workers, the designer's trademark is a creative clash of high-end fabrics and innovative detailing.

Her MTL-YUL bags are an eloquent example: simple and modern, they give a loud and proud shoutout to the city of their birth, and are just waiting for you to take them all over the world to tell everyone where they're from.

Material: 100% cotton canvas
Available colours: naturel or navy, matte black print
Made in: Windsor, Québec (manufacturing), Montréal (printing)
Overall dimensions: 38 × 48 × 14 cm

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