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Spritz syrup
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Alexandrine Lemaire

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3/4 of an ounce. It's just enough. It's all you need. To pimp your liquor, spruce up a cocktail, lend a whiff of originality, some "homemade" flavour. Those were Alexandrine Lemaire and Hannah Palmer's watchwords as they set out to concoct these upscale, natural syrups—pure pleasure, concentrated and crafted, and just sweet enough (that is, never too much)—and cocktail kits.

The fruit of a collaboration between graphic designer Patrick Seymour, the Bref Mtl gallery/store and 3/4 oz., the Montréal cocktail kit is your introduction to three of the brand's flagship syrups: Tonic, Ginger Ale and Spritz. The perfect companions for local spirits, they're delicious in mocktails, with tonic water.

Material: glass (bottle)
Ingredients: water, cane sugar, juice, herbs, essential oils, infusions, citrus peel
Available flavours: Cola, Ginger Ale, Honey Sour (503 ml only), Spritz, Tonic
Made in: Montréal
Suggested retail price $25 (503 ml) / $7.50 (120 ml)

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