Leather Car Air Freshener — Balsam Fir

Leather Car Air Freshener — Balsam Fir
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Isabelle Michaud

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Isabelle Michaud
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Independent fragrance creator Isabelle Michaud mines raw olfactory materials and refines them into unique, personal perfumed objects. In her micro-laboratory, she gives life to ideas inspired by travels, poetry, lived experiences and liberty. To her, the skin is a canvas, and scents are a living palette, melding by osmosis with each individual's personal chemistry. Follow in my footsteps—dans mon sillage—says the wearer, and you'll catch a whiff.

And all becomes fragrance. Michaud captures the notes of the noble American Linden (basswood), which lines our streets, and seals them in an oil that reminds us of a stroll outdoors. She draws essence of balsam, carves a fir out of leather and voilà! A car air freshener, like the ones we all remember—but authentic, ready to perfume all the world's roads.

Materials: leather, essential and synthetic oils (fragrance)
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 11 × 16 × 0.10 cm

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