Box of Salted Caramel Drops

Chocolat boréal
Box of Salted Caramel Drops (Box of 14)
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Florence Paquin-Mallette and Ludovic Fresse

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Florence Paquin-Mallette or Ludovic Fresse
514 766-2208

The fruit of a meeting between two impassioned creators, Chocolat Montréal saw the light of day in 2017. One, Ludovic Fresse, was already a renowned chocolatier artisan. The other, Florence Paquin-Mallette, was an established textile maker. Emphasizing personalization of products and sourcing their ingredients from local producers, their concoctions blend traditional savoir-faire and contemporary esthetics. And the result will have you licking your fingers!

The drops melt in your mouth and bring bliss, the individual chocolates delight, and the bars elicit a delicious oh! of surprise. The packaging, featuring Dominique Jutras's illustrations of quintessential Montréal spots, leaves no doubt as to provenance.

Contents: fine drops of dark chocolate garnished with salted caramel
Made in: Montréal
Overall dimensions: 4 × 4 × 3 cm (box of 7) / 7.5 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm (box of 14)
Suggested retail price $2.95 (box of 7) / $5.60 (box of 14)

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