Redesign of Parc Dan-Hanganu (formerly Parc Elgar) in L'Île-des-Sœurs

Multidisciplinary Landscape Architecture Competition

February 10, 2022
Planche Étape 2 - détail

Les Phares

The winning concept proposed a park entrance akin to a reception area along with a zone that pays tribute to architect Dan Hanganu. This open space or agora has many different uses and can serve as a dynamic meeting, sharing, or performing space. It provides opportunities for outdoor educational or cultural activities.

The arrangement helps to clarify the park’s functions. The main park thoroughfares extend from here, and the programmed spaces orbit around it: play spaces and tennis and basketball courts.

The jury appreciated how several aspects of the existing park were reused, such as the reinstallation of play modules and boulders, along with the landscaping approach that encourages natural water infiltration.

- Excerpts from jury report

The winning proposal employs sustainability, creativity, and innovation to foster an ecological and social transition and is thus perfectly in keeping with the Montréal 2030 Agenda for Quality and Exemplarity in Design and Architecture.

The summary report of the jury’s deliberation is available in the Download documents section (in French Only).

Download the project's boards