Pierrefonds Library

Bibliothèque de Pierrefonds

Bibliothèque de Pierrefonds

Architectes en série is a video series documenting projects published in the reference manual of Québec’s association of private-practice architects. They feature interviews with architects along with their collaborators and clients that provide insights into their work and added value.

In Episode 4, the work of architects is examined via the Pierrefonds Library project. Sergio Morales, architect and Senior Partner at Chevalier Morales architectes, is joined by Louise Zampini, Division Chief (Pierrefonds-Roxboro Borough), to outline the approach chosen to meet the program objective: to make the space not just a library, but a gathering place for Pierrefonds residents. Designed to evolve and adapt to the future needs of users, this inclusive new space blends with the spaces surrounding it in exemplary fashion. The significant increase in the number of library users is proof of the project’s success. 

This video is part of an online series initiated and funded by the Association des Architectes en pratique privée du Québec (@AAPPQ) in collaboration with Montréal’s Bureau du design and with support from fdp – Private Management.

Financial support was also provided through the Agreement on the Cultural Development of Montréal between the City of Montréal and the Government of Québec.

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