Le Saint-Jude Espace Tonus

Le Saint-Jude Espace Tonus

Archi branchés – Extrait de l'Épisode 4 – Saint-Jude Espace Tonus

The series Archi branchés, hosted by Marc-André B. Carignan on Canal Savoir, is dedicated to architects and features tours of their latest achievements, as well as municipal stakeholders who contributed to the projects. Episode 4 features the Saint-Jude Espace Tonus training and health centre, designed by architect Tom Balaban.

Saint-Jude Espace Tonus offers a stark contrast with the busy tempo of life outside its walls, along Rue Saint-Denis. One section of this former church is now a gym, while another is a spa. The opposition between warmth and cold is striking throughout one’s visit to the interior spaces. 

Pierre Gauthier, Vice‐President of the Conseil du patrimoine de Montréal, explains the challenges involved in converting and transforming buildings when preservation of their architectural quality is a top priority.

Archi branchés is a co-production of AGLA Médias and Bell Local in collaboration with Montréal’s Bureau du design and the Ordre des architectes du Québec.