La Passe à Drolet and the MileEndeur

La Passe à Drolet et le MileEndeur

Archi branchés - Épisode 6 - La Passe à Drolet et le MileEndeur

The series Archi branchés, hosted by Marc-André B. Carignan on Canal Savoir, is dedicated to architects and features tours of their latest achievements, as well as municipal stakeholders who contributed to the projects. Episode 6 features two multiresidential buildings in the Mile-End district, La Passe à Drolet and the MileEndeur, designed by architect Laurent McComber.

Mile-End is a popular district, withprofessionals, couples and young families alike drawn toits social mix and the creative businesses such as Ubisoft that have set up shop there. With the two projects featured in this episode, architect Laurent McComber masterfully met a daunting challenge: that of maximizing space in buildings constructed on tight lots.

Susan Bronson, an architect and heritage consultant who has worked for the Borough of Plateau‐Mont‐Royal, explains the challenges of integrating the two buildings into a fairly eclectic urban fabric.

Archi branchés is a co-production of AGLA Médias and Bell Local in collaboration with Montréal’s Bureau du design and the Ordre des architectes du Québec.