Toward a Montréal Agenda for Quality in Design and Architecture

August 9, 2018

Montréal has embarked earlier this year on a consultation process with its core departments and boroughs, with the design and architectural professional communities, and all public and private stakeholders concerned with development on the city’s territory in order to develop an initial Montréal Agenda and Action Plan for Quality in Design and Architecture.

The Agenda will set out a vision for developing a shared design culture through participative and inclusive processes and serve as a municipal resource aimed at mobilizing and engaging stakeholders in sustainable urban development. It constitutes one of the five major areas of the Bureau du design’s action plan Create Montréal, itself a product of Montréal’s new economic development strategy.

This process, which is now public on the Ville de Montréal's online consultation platform affects you because:

  • design in all its forms – architecture; services design; landscape architecture; industrial, graphic, urban, and interior design; experiential and event design – has the power to make Montréal more attractive and improve services for citizens.
  • your well-being and quality of life in Montréal rely, in large part, on how the city’s territory is managed, as expressed through its heritage, design, architecture, landscape, and public art – features that help to develop a sense of belonging and pride and contribute to the attractiveness of our neighbourhoods.
  • the time has come to accelerate the strategic and interdisciplinary implementation of design in all municipal practices and to boost the involvement of citizens who want to help strengthen Montréal as a city of design.

Please go to the Making MTL ( platform to be informed of the major stages in the consultation process for developing the Agenda and to share your ideas and comments until November 2018 by way of:

  1. a suggestion box: draw upon the principles of good design and tell us how you would like to help strengthen Montréal as a city of design.
  2. an interactive map: tag the locations, buildings, objects, parks, and other features that best express quality of design and architecture in Montréal.
  3. surveys: share your opinion on various ideas and challenges related to quality in design and architecture
  4. a quick poll : vote for what contributes the most to the quality of your living environments