Montréal grants CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL licences to the shops jamais assez and Réunion Cuisine & Maison

October 13, 2017

On September 27, 2017, Montréal’s executive committee granted two new CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL licences. The shops jamais assez on Boulevard Saint-Laurent and Réunion Cuisine & Maison on Rue Wellington are now authorized to use the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL trademark's concept, resources, and methods.

Boutique Réunion is very pleased to offer CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL products. We are located in the middle of a thriving district on a dynamic and diverse shopping street, so it is vital that our boutique stand out as a landmark for local creators in Montréal’s Sud-Ouest borough. We have offered products from Montréal and Québec ever since we opened, and our customers are always asking for more. CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL items fit the bill perfectly: a wide selection of products from local designers made of high-quality materials.

Catherine Rousseau, owner, boutique Réunion Cuisine & Maison, October 2017

The city’s goal is to develop a market for Montréal designers by encouraging corporate and institutional buyers and tourists to support local creativity and production. The 59 designers and their 200 products featured in the 2016–2017 selection of the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL catalogue are a great sample of Montréal creativity and talent in the specific niche of a gift item or souvenir emblematic of a city, region, or culture.

Granting licences boosts sales opportunities for the catalogue’s products and designers by helping to build a network of sales outlets in the Montréal area. In doing so, the city wants to enhance the renown and value of the Montréal brand and to maintain control over its quality without becoming involved in commercial transactions. 

This agreement enhances Montréal’s reputation in the field of design and strengthens its position as a UNESCO City of Design. It also helps fulfill an objective of the 2015–2017 Action Plan of Montréal’s economic development department, which is to accelerate growth through entrepreneurship and innovation.