Marie-Josée Lacroix honoured with the Ambassadrice de la qualité en architecture award

April 25, 2023

The Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ) has recognized the contributions of Marie-Josée Lacroix, naming her the recipient of the Ambassadrice de la qualité award at its Prix d’excellence en architecture awards ceremony on April 21. As Montréal’s first design commissioner and the Bureau du design’s chief of staff until 2021, Marie-Josée was the driving force behind the city’s landmark initiatives to promote designers and champion quality in design and architecture. Her key achievements include the Commerce Design Montréal awards, Montréal’s designation as a UNESCO City of Design de design, and development of the Montréal 2030 Agenda for Quality and Exemplarity in Design and Architecture.

Marie-Josée, the entire Bureau du design team congratulates you for your steadfast commitment and for having paved the way for the promotion and recognition of design and architecture in Montréal and beyond. We thank you for having inspired so many people and sowing the seeds of the mission that we are so enthusiastically pursuing. 

The impact of that work to promote quality in design and architecture was especially visible at the OAQ’s awards ceremony, as two Ville de Montréal projects received a Prix d’excellence: the Insectarium Metamorphosis, designed by Kuehn Malvezzi, Pelletier De Fontenay and Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes in consortium, and the Esplanade Tranquille, which was the work of Les architectes FABG.

In addition, 12 of the 21 finalist projects are located in Montréal. We congratulate all of the finalists and winners on their commitment to building a more sustainable, creative and innovative city.   

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