Celebrate World Industrial Design Day all over the city!

June 28, 2018

World Industrial Design Day is celebrated around the world on June 29. The World Design Organization (WDO) declared this day of observance in recognition of the power of industrial design to enrich economic, social, cultural and environmental development. To mark the occasion, the Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design presents a photo gallery inviting you to get out and stroll through our streets and parks, to explore the many industrial design achievements to be seen there. Share your discoveries on social media using hashtag #WIDD2018!

You can find newly installed worksite information modules by visiting:

  • Parc Lafontaine (near Théâtre de la Verdure and Espace La Fontaine)
  • The Rue Saint-Hubert worksite (in the vicinity of Beaubien métro station and on Rue Jean-Talon)
  • Place des Vainqueurs at Space for Life

You might also want to keep your eyes open for one of the many croque-livres around town!