360 Storytelling, Pékin, 2019
  • DI Interactive design
  • EV Event design
  • XP Experience design
  • MO Motion design
  • SO Sound design
  • UR Urban design
We sprinkle our projects with creative magic from several disciplines: theatre, multimedia, sound, music, art, circus, and design. By unifying our collective skills and talents, we create immersive environments and original content. More specifically, we use art, design and technology to bring stories to life and create experiences that educate, connect, and delight participants. Our roots are in developing content that touches arts, culture, history, heritage and entertainment. However, we are also developing new initiatives related to wellness, sustainability, climate change, diversity, and inclusion.
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  • NUMIX AWARDS, Association des producteurs d'expériences numériques, Winner, Cultural Production - Video Mapping Category - QUANTUM, les forces invisibles - Lyon, France
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