Daily tous les jours

21 Balançoires, Montréal, since 2011
  • DI Interactive design
Daily tous les jours (Daily) is an art and design studio that uses technology and storytelling to explore collaboration, the future of cities, and the power of humans. Daily is best known for its work in public spaces, where passing crowds are invited to play a critical role in the transformation of their environment and their relationships. Projects give way to a new breed of interactive urban experiences, like swings that make music akin to an orchestra, pavements that play shadow games, fields of microphones for impromptu giant sing alongs, and intelligent radio furniture that gives a voice to buildings and trees. Daily’s work has won numerous international recognitions. The studio is also actively involved with design, digital art and urban development communities, including festivals such as SXSW, EYEO, INST-INT, New Cities Summit, TEDx and Ars Electronica.
Latest awards


  • Grands Prix du Design, PID Agency, Winner, Exhibition, Training and Recreation Categroy - Where Montréal Began - Montréal, Canada (in collaboration with architects Dan Hanganu and Michel Dallaire, as well as the archaeologists and entire Musée de Pointe-à-Callière team)


  • Concours Grafika, Infopresse, Winning project, Trade exhibition design (showcase, display, exhibition, stand etc.) - LittleBites Pop-up Store - New-York, United States
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25 %
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75 %