Redesigning Main Street

Urban design ideas competition for the retrofit of Rue Notre-Dame in Lachine

Perspective of Notre-Dame Street at the Intersection of 6th Avenue (Looking West)

Quai Notre-Dame, promenade commerçante

The proposal “Quai Notre-Dame” (“Notre-Dame Boardwalk”) excels with its powerful concept incorporating a dock-like structure. Developed around the symbol of the boardwalk, the concept calls to mind a ramble along Rue Notre-Dame and echoes the nearby river, which is part of the area’s very essence. The proposal also offers versatility and is generative of other ideas, making it scalable over time.

– Excerpt from the text of the proposal (Freely Translated)

We have envisioned the new Rue Notre-Dame as an extension of the future shoreline park. Like a long quay located near a waterfront, a new wooden boardwalk extends over a length of one kilometre, linking the Lachine market at the western end to the future eco-district at the eastern end. The primary goal of this planning strategy is very simple: to make walking the street extremely pleasant.

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